The three-state Clean Energy RFP is an important effort for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island to meet their clean energy objectives.  The evaluation process is still underway.  No bids have been awarded yet.  Bidders will be contacted directly by the Clean Energy RFP evaluation team.  The RFP solicited proposals that are valid for 270 days following submission (i.e. October 23, 2016).  Final results of the RFP will be announced to the public when executed contracts are filed for regulatory review.  This website – http://www.cleanenergyrfp.com – will be updated periodically on the progress of the evaluation.


The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, Eversource Energy, National Grid and Unitil have developed a Final Clean Energy RFP in order to identify projects that will advance the clean energy goals of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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