Updated October 25, 2016: The Soliciting Parties from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island have completed their evaluation of proposed projects received in response to the three-state Clean Energy RFP. The Clean Energy RFP evaluation team has contacted all Bidders regarding their proposals.

The three states collectively selected projects that represent approximately 460 megawatts (MWs) of clean energy for the New England market. Only the bidders/projects listed below have been advanced to contract negotiation. The terms and process of contract negotiation will vary by state consistent with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Please note that final acceptance of bids and award of contracts is conditional upon successful negotiation of contracts and required regulatory approvals, as provided in the RFP. As such, not all projects selected to advance to contract negotiation at this stage will necessarily obtain approved contracts, which may affect the total contracted MWs resulting from this RFP.

Final project selection and contracts will be made public following submittal for regulatory approval. Please see the Timeline section for the updated project schedule.

Only the bidders listed below have been advanced to contract negotiation with the following states. For additional details, visit the Bid section of this website:


Antrim Wind

Ranger Solar

Cassadaga Wind

RES Americas – Both Submissions


Deepwater Wind


It is the responsibility of selected projects to obtain all relevant environmental, siting, and other permits and regulatory approvals required for the project to become operational. Nothing in this selection decision constitutes a waiver or final decision with respect to any other state or local regulatory approval needed for project construction or operation.

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